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At Fábrica Moderna the creators of artistic and product areas can find spaces with different characteristics, dimensions and prices to install their projects and activities. Being a resident of Fábrica Moderna is, above all, being part of a community of creators, where sharing and multidisciplinarity enhance the development of each project.


All residents have access, in addition to their exclusive space, to the workshop with benches and shared tools, and at Fabrica Moderna there is also available digital manufacturing equipment (Laser Cutting, 3D printing), Ceramic Oven, among others.

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At Fábrica Moderna we provide services in the fields of prototyping, product creation and development, wether for artists, companies, entrepreneurs, students, etc.
We make your idea come to life, through a technical, artistic and multidisciplinary team.


Fábrica Moderna is a pet-friendly space, where pets are welcome, but respecting each one's space. So residents can work with peace of mind in the company of their 4-legged friends.



We know the needs of our residents and we know that the multiplicity of activities and work schedules makes it necessary to be able to work at any time of the day or night.


For this reason, residents' access to Fábrica Moderna is 24h/7, so that they can freely develop their activities.


Using the machinery and talent installed in the Fábrica, we perform external services of 3D Printing, Laser Cutting and Engraving, Electronics & Robotics, Hardware Design & Fabrication and Ceramic Furnace Rental.



Fábrica Moderna intends to spread the know-how and to disseminate artistic and technological techniques. To this end, it develops hands-on training programs for adults and children, such as workshops, customized training plans or one-to-one practical mentoring.


To promote the projects and brands of Fábrica Moderna’s residents and, at the same time, to welcome new guest artists in order to enhance and strengthen synergies, we promote events dedicated to the creative community, such as exhibitions, markets and meetups.

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